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First time I know about competition

This time, I will share with you about my first time join a competition. Yes, before that I never to think if I will join a competition and it make me love it so much. It was my first year on campus. I have one lesson, that's microcontroller system. Do you know, if my teacher said: "If you join a BASIK and then you be a finalist, you will get a good score in this lesson." My teacher said like that in the classroom. Btw, BASIK is a major competition on my campus. And then I think it's a good offer. I can get a good score, so my GPA will be good too (this time when my mindset about the score in college is so important). Next, I find a team. I need two friends for joining this competition because that is one of all requirements. After someday, I get two friends to be a team, they're Ihsanurrahim and Harry Mulya. This is the picture of them :D Okay, what again? Next, we discuss what is the technology innovation we will bring on this competition. We join i
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My experience during being a brawijaya student

Hi, how are you ? I hope you’re always fine. In this article, I will explain about my experince during I study at University of Brawijaya. I like so many things like research, organization, sharing, business, and many more. I have built quite a few technology projects. To name a few, there’s CABLE (Computer Assistant for the Disabled, more detail in,  PEDER (Smart Pet Feeder, downloadable in the Google play store), FANATI[C] (Future Trash Can) and NARNION (Natural Disaster Companion). I will explain more detail about those projects in next article. By the way, I have at least eight national achievements in technology innovation from those projects. I believe, if hard work is directly proportional to the outcome. If you have a dream, never give up for get it. Let’s try again when you meet a failed. You can study a lot from your experience failed. Keep learning and do it. Because I join competition, I get many opportunities around Indonesia. And do you know if I lo

A little about my self

Hi, my name is Novia Ulfa Nuraini. You can call me Novia. I'm 21 years old when I writing this. I'm still single. I want to get married when I'm 26 years old . By the way, I like writing but sometimes I have a lot of activities and I can't do it. Since now, I will try for write again. I will to share about my life. :D One of my dreams is I can be a inspirator. I think that's my reason I will explain about my life in my blog. I tell about my life doesn't mean I've become a successful and famous person. I just want to share my experience and I hope it could be other people moved to change. My motto is dream and do it I believe, when we have a dream and we want it so much, we will strive for achieve it. And don't forget ask to God too. When we get the dream, we should not be arrogant and we should share our experince to other people. Before I continue, I will to inform you if my english isn't very nice. I just want to always learn. And that&